Mayday Cleaning is a Highly Experienced and Reviewed Tinley Park House Cleaning and Maid Service

Cleaning your house is probably the last thing you’d want to do since not only does this take a lot of your precious time, but at the same time it’s quite exhausting. As a licensed, bonded, and insured maid service with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Mayday Cleaning will clean your home fast and efficiently. We believe that cleaning needs to be scheduled, organized, and focused on achieving specific objectives, mainly those related to protecting your valuable property and your health.

5 Stars Maid And House Cleaning In Tinley Park

There are many reasons why our clients in Tinley Park always use our maid and house cleaning services:

  • Security knowing that we’re fully licensed, bonded, certified, and insured and we’ll always clean your place very well.
  • Security knowing that we only hire maids that have at least seven years of experience in the cleaning industry. Since we’ve been doing this for many years, we know exactly how important client satisfaction actually is and don’t want to ever compromise on it.
  • Comfort knowing that we only use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies to clean your home without endangering your health, while at the same time protecting the environment.
  • Comfort knowing that we always send a maid supervisor to your place to check and see if the maids did a fantastic job cleaning your home.
  • Peace of mind knowing that any potential concerns are addressed immediately.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you can always talk to a company rep whenever you have any questions about our services.

Mayday Cleaning Uses Green Cleaning Supplies And Methods To Protect The Environment

As an environmentally conscious company, we do our best to always use eco friendly cleaning supplies and quipment to remove germs and bacteria from your home, but also disinfect it against common causes for colds, allergies, flu, and even the rhinovirus.

Mayday Cleaning Supports the Hinsdale Community

Mayday Cleaning support charities, schools and churches in the Hinsdale area. As such, we’re honored to donate our cleaning services to any fundraising event or program, so don’t hesitate to contact us for support.