Mayday Cleaning Is A Highly Sought After and Well-Reputed Chicago Medical Cleaning Service

Whether a dentist office, healthcare clinic, medical laboratory, hospital, nursing home or healthcare facility, each has its own specific cleaning challenges. As a service provider, customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of your business and reputation, so creating a safe and clean environment for your customers is essential to meet those goals. The pros at Mayday Cleaning have the experience and necessary equipment to ensure your healthcare facility is properly cleaned and disinfected of any type of disease, bacteria or germs that may negatively affect your clients’ health.

For more than one and a half decades, we’ve offered some of the most cost effective and quality Medical Facility and Hospital Cleaning services in Chicago. Contact us now to get your free quote and let’s talk about your cleaning needs today!

Top Quality Medical Facility and Hospital Cleaning Services in Chicago

In order to keep a hospital and a medical facility in great shape, excellent cleaning services are very important. To include some of the benefits our customers enjoy once they contract our services, they include:

  • Security knowing that we always use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies to protect your health and the environment.
  • Security knowing that we’re fully insured, bonded, and can disinfect and clean any kind of medical facility.
  • Peace of mind knowing that any issues you may have will be solved swiftly.
  • Comfort knowing that our staff has been working in the cleaning industry for at least seven years.
  • Peace of mind knowing that our inspectors will always follow up with you to confirm the job was done according to your expectations.
  • Comfort knowing that no matter what questions, issues or concerns you may have they’ll be addressed right away.

MayDay Cleaning Uses Green Cleaning Supplies To Protect The Environment

Mayday Cleaning uses only green cleaning supplies. We take our responsibility of protecting the environment very seriously and we do our best to always improve in this regard.

MayDay Cleaning Backs the Chicago Community

We feel honored to be able to support the local schools and churches and are very happy to donate our cleaning services to any fundraising event or program. If you’re looking for the best Medical Facility and Hospital Cleaning in Chicago, then don’t hesitate and contact us now!