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Top 5 things to consider prior to hiring a commercial cleaner

Keeping a professional appearance doesn’t mean that your work environment is clean. In fact, current research shows that if your environment is dirty, then this can have a very negative impact on employees and even impact productivity and job satisfaction in the long term. To prevent this from being the case, you should consider hiring a reliable cleaning company. Here are some of the top things to look for:


Each environment, depending on type, requires a certain type of services to keep it in tip top shape. Because of that, you need to make sure the cleaning company can offer you the cleaning services you’re looking for. Some examples include special event cleaning, interior and exterior windows and surface cleaning, power washing, floor coatings, but also hard floor cleaning, upholstery, and carpet cleaning.


Your reputation and that of the company you hire to clean your place are both very important. Because of that, always ask for references prior to hiring a cleaning service. Experience is very important, so make sure to always consider how many years the company has been in business for prior to hiring it.


You may not want to have someone vacuuming your place at 4 in the afternoon or maybe you want them to come by and start cleaning at a certain hour. As such, make sure to only hire a cleaning company that can accommodate your schedule.


One of the main reason you should hire a professional cleaning service is because this way you don’t need to worry about spending money on cleaning supplies and equipment. The cleaning service has everything they need to clean your place and clean it well.


Last, be sure to hire a cleaning company that offers their services at great rates. Before they can provide you a quote, they need to first of all tour your facility, but also ask you about the type of cleaning you need done and what they actually need to clean.

Keeping A Clean Restaurant Directly Impacts Your Client Retention Rate

Loyalty cards, coupons, but also delicious food are all very efficient ways of generating repeat clients in the restaurant industry. However, a punch card and a culinary school trained chef won’t be enough to keep getting repeat customers if your restaurant is not properly cleaned.

In a recent survey that was conducted by Harris Poll and included a total number of two thousand and thirty four adults in the US, people were asked to name the number one reason that would prevent them from returning to a restaurant. A massive ninety seven percent of them said that if they would experience an issue with the facility, then the likelihood of returning to eat there would be out of the question.

So with that said, what are the particular problems that would prevent a restaurant from getting repeat clients? Well, they all have to do with how clean the restaurant is. Here’s a poll of the importance of various factors cited by the polled consumers:

  • Eighty six percent would not return if the restaurant had dirty surfaces (dust bunnies on the floor, dust on the decor, booths, chairs, tables, etc).
  • Eighty five percent would not return if the restaurant has a bad odor.
  • Eighty percent of them would not return if the restaurant has dirty restrooms.
  • Seventy two percent of them would not return if the restaurant had slippery or dirty floors.
  • Seventy percent of them would not return if the restaurant had a dirty entryway.

As such, if you’re a restaurant owner and want to make sure that you keep getting repeat clients, then you need to do your best to keep your place as clean as possible. Hiring a cleaning company for regular cleaning and maintenance is by far one of the best ways of achieving that.